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Why Web Videos Are More Effective

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, it is apparent that videos have taken over. 60 hours of video material is uploaded every minute of each day and 800 million new viewers are added each month. It is pretty safe to say that videos have an extreme importance to the lives of the viewers, which is everybody. But, what makes web videos more of a requested amenity than television, print, or radio? Well, first and foremost web videos are within reach at any time of any day. If the viewer wants to know about a company and their services the video will always be there. For example, video production company websites has an aesthetic pleasing video upon entering in their site. The viewer is greeted with bold words and samples of their work in a short time frame that hits all the senses the right way. These qualities will ring true with the viewer and keep their interest sparked.

Web videos are clear, concise, and short. No one wants to sit and watch a ten minute video about a business or product. The viewer would lose interest within the first minute and would veer off and exit out of the page. That is the beauty of web videos. They are only a few minutes long and throw all of the information right at the viewer. Rich with content, videos deliver to the success of business goals by increases sales and recognition. The viewer is not left wondering at the end of the video. Video production companies communicate directly to their target audience in an impressive manner through the use of web videos. The videos develop a new image for the company and shed positive light onto their capabilities. It also allows the viewers to create a public opinion on the business/product that will lean towards the company’s ideals. With a new developed image, the viewers will know the company’s passions and how they are better compared to other businesses.

The rich content of the videos educates the viewers with the ideas and goals of the company. After a few minutes of detail implemented in a web video, the viewer will know what is being conveyed and what the message is. With the hook of the video, the message will be seen and recognized by the viewer. The video is offering the viewer “inside knowledge” of the company and is allowing them to buy in what the company does.

Video production companies take into account the viewer and their needs. The company considers the visitor and places themselves in their shoes. They are producing segments that they would also want to watch and appreciate. Video production companies do not clutter the web videos with advertisements and excess fluff. The viewer is given everything right then and there without reading the fine print. There is no doubt about what is being presented and what the message is of the video. The goal of a web video is for the viewer to respond to the content and to keep their attention directed toward the company. Web videos fulfill all of those requirements.