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Why Do I Need to Be a Better Reader, Writer? Why Do I Need Education?

I’ve been rereading Harold Levine’s Comprehensive English, Review Text from Amsco Publishing, Regents preparation book. It’s a book I used to prepare for my high school Regents exam and today frequently refer to it as a teaching material with my students. It gives strikingly good answers to those questions that we love or loved to ask.Why do I need to improve my listening skills? “Many are the benefits of becoming a good listener; let us mention just a few. You will be less likely to miss the point of a joke, or a lesson, or to misinterpret an explanation and come to a wrong conclusion, or to be taken in by clever sales pitch.”Why do I need to learn new vocabulary words? Why can’t I just use what I already know? “Improving your vocabulary should be one of your top priorities. Words represent ideas. Words are the tools for thinking. If your knowledge of words is limited, your ability to think will be limited, keeping you from effectively receiving and communicating ideas on an advanced level. When your vocabulary grows substantially, you will improve as a listener, speaker, reader, and writer, and you will have better chance of getting ahead in your career or profession.”Why is it important to write and spell well? “Just as you check your personal appearance before going out in public, so you should proofread what you have written before submitting it, especially if it is a composition, or term paper, or letter of application for employment or admission to a college. The sad truth is that the world regards errors in spelling as signs of ignorance, although some of the most intelligent people have been poor spellers. Of course, you do your writing on a word processor, you can use a spelling-checker program to help you do your proofreading; yet even such program requires you to know how to spell. Word processors are not yet available to students taking standardized exams, ELA, Regents or SATs.”Why do I need to go to school and get an education? Education is a gift. At one point education was only available to the elite of the society. Today in our country it is a right. Remember it’s a privilege for us to have this right. Your ancestors fought for equality, justice and opportunity for all. Don’t take it for granted. Education is a way out of ignorance, and a way out of poverty. Would you rather live in a poor and ignorant world or in a richer and educated world? Education is power! Go study today.

Special Training For Brain Development Of Kids

Many researchers have proven the fact that functioning of brain cells of infants is twice active as adult’s brain. Neurons are the brain cells that connect together and power of neuron have the potential of a PC. Connectivity of neurons decides the smartness or intelligence of individuals. In human, brain development and the learning ability of an individual is 50% in the first four years of age. The nerves of individuals are reduced as they grow up and this is why the 1000 trillion nerves present in an 8 months baby are reduced to 500 trillion as it grows up. A child that has given more opportunities to explore will be much smart.

A majority of children, more than 90% of them use their left brain, but the imperative fact to remember is the right brain must also be utilized. Education system present in almost all the schools is designed to develop or use the left brain. Right brain is never the less significant because it is responsible for creativity, arts, feeling, imagination, visualizing, daydreaming, rhythm, holistic thinking and many others. Hence it is equally important to develop both side of brain. It is also most important to take steps to keep both the brain much active, by keeping them to perform analytically on an equal basis. It is the responsibility of parents to give activities to their children that ensures the involvement of both brain. If both brain used by children it is probable to enhance their learning power and they can also increase their brain power. If brain development programs are offered to children they can make most of the program and develop their skills to give work to both side of brain and remains high in intelligence level. Development of brain in human beings is based on the degree of how much it is used. If it is left unused there are more probabilities for individuals to lose as brain works on the basis of use it or lose it.

To ensure the progressive brain development in children, it is the role of parents to introduce their children with a reputable brain development program. Most of the experts suggest step by step educational program to the children which is systemic and efficient. Nowadays it is very simple to find out a lot of schools which not only gives importance to academic program, but they also boost the creativity of children through their extracurricular activities. It is probable to search internet and get hold of relevant schools that present with a variety of activities to stimulate the brain and encourage the development of children. A total development program to stimulate mental activity of children is also found out in the online sites and parents can try out these activities with their children while they are at home. Getting education from a school that implements total development program is much beneficial. Search for such schools and secure admission to enhance the future of the children and boosts in brain development.